21. 12. 2016

What people are sharing on Trump’s facebook site…

Ever wondered what people discuss and share on president elect Donald Trump’s official facebook site? We used facebook’s Graph Api to extract all comments people left under his posts from January 2014 to...

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08. 11. 2014

A new day

Many things changed within the last year and I am very happy that I am currently dealing with lots of interesting projects! Stay tuned for an update to be launched soon!

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23. 03. 2014

Kellogg’s Tigers!

Even that I am still feeling sick and miserable, fortune provides me with a nice treatment. The Theory and Practice in Marketing Conference (this year hold by Kellogg’s School of Management at Northwestern...

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20. 03. 2014
Figure 7_1 Kopie

Mission Accomplished?

Unlike good old W, it took me some time to come to this headline. And I am still not sure whether this one is really final. Therefore the question-mark. The last year was...

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03. 06. 2013

Why the Gezi protest is no “Arabic Spring” and no “Angry Citoyen” movement

I had the pleasure to live now for more than one and a half years in Istanbul. More precisely in Eastanbul, as I am living in Camlica on the Anatolian side of this fascinating metropolis....

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29. 03. 2013
2013-03-19 18.25.08

The Magic

I don`t know if you have at least to have visited Istanbul once to get goosebumps while watching the video below. However, it gives you a perfect feeling of how great and unique...

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23. 03. 2013
2013-03-23 18.38.33

Conference Pleasures

Der heutige Tag wurde mit den Vorbereitungen für die anstehende Marketing Science Konferenz verbracht. Über 600 Paper mussten von uns klassifiziert werden und dann in passende Sessions von je 4 Papern gepaart werden....

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19. 03. 2013

Istanbul Sunset Boulevard

I know, I still owe you guys the top 10 to do/not to do lists for this great city. My apologies, but there is so much to do right now, that I am...

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14. 03. 2013
2012-09-05 10.48.45

Through the night with…

Ich muss zugeben, dass ich diese Folge noch nicht mal bis zum Ende gesehen habe. Trotzdem bin ich so begeistert von den Bildern und Anregungen, dass ich euch diesen Film nicht vorenthalten will....

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13. 03. 2013
2013-01-23 12.26.09

Why did you come to Istanbul?

In the last couple of weeks, several people asked me, why I came to Istanbul. Of course there are many reasons, anecdotes and other nasty stories to tell. However, I guess that the...

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