Kellogg’s Tigers!

On 23. März 2014 by rkuebler

Even that I am still feeling sick and miserable, fortune provides me with a nice treatment. The Theory and Practice in Marketing Conference (this year hold by Kellogg’s School of Management at Northwestern University in the US) just released the list of invited presenters. Out of the many many submissions, only 31 papers were accepted for presentation. I am really proud that two of these are projects I am involved with. The first one “Honey we need to talk: The Impact of Product Recall Message Design on Shareholder Reactions” is a study I am currently working on my own. I am investigating the impact of different communication approaches on firm value in case of a product recall. The paper delivers valuable insights for affected managers to minimize negative shareholder reactions. I show that shareholders react differently. Depending on the type of company (large vs. small) and shareholder experience (private vs. professional) the accentuation of social responsibility, the degree of transparency, help with identification and the degree of return convenience needs to be adapted.

My second accepted study “The good, the bad and the ugly truth: The Impact of CSR Violations on Marketing Effectiveness” is a co-work with my advisor Sönke Albers and my dear friend and former master student Michael Riechert from Kühne Logistics University in Hamburg. With the help of several Discrete Choice Experiments (like Best/Worst Scaling and Barter Conjoint) we are investigating the impact of different violation types (like child labor or environmental pollution) on price and product performance sensitivity. We  find that not only the violator is affected by negative consumer reactions. Surprisingly also the non-violating brand suffers from a violation in the market. Our findings give valuable arguments for policy makers to sensibilize managers about potential risks and consequences of ethical issues.

In addition I am very happy that Koen Pauwels also made it into the conference. This means that Ozyegin’s marketing department has a share of almost 10% in this leading conference. This delivers proof to our growing reputation and adds to our latest achievement (place 54) in the worldwide Top100 ranking of marketing research departments.

Down below you find the teaser presentations for both projects. In case that you need more information, please contact me at any time!

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