Peer Reviewed Journals

Kübler, Raoul, Koen Pauwels, Gökhan Yildirim, and Thomas Fandrich: App Popularity: Where in the world are consumers most sensitive to price and user ratings, Journal of Marketing (forthcoming) [available online here]

Kupfer, Ann Kristin, Nora Pähler vor der Holte, Raoul V. Kübler, and Thorsten Hennig-Thurau: The Role of the Partner Brand’s Social Media Power in Brand Alliances, Journal of Marketing (forthcoming) [available online here]

Ilhan, Behice, E., Raoul V. Kübler, and Koen H. Pauwels: Battle of the Brand Fans: Impact of Brand Attack and Defense on Social Media, Journal of Interactive Marketing, (forthcoming) 

Kübler, Raoul V., Anatoli Colicev, and Koen H. Pauwels: Social Media’s Impact on Consumer Mindset: When to Use Which Sentiment Extraction Tool?, MSI Working Paper Series (2017) [available online here]

Kübler, Raoul, V., Koen H. Pauwels, Gökhan Yildirim, and Thomas Fandrich: Should You Adapt Your Pricing and Ratings Reaction to a Country’s Cultural and Socioeconomic Setting? MSI Working Paper Series (2016) [available online here]

Ilhan, Behice, E., Koen H. Pauwels, and Raoul Kübler: Dancing with the Enemy: Broadened Understanding of Engagement in Rival Brand Dyads, MSI Working Paper Series (2016) [available online here]

Kübler, Raoul V. and Dennis Proppe: What makes advertising campaigns winning creativity awards?, Business Research BuR, Vol. 5 (2012), No.1, pp. 60-81.

Kübler, Raoul V. and  Sönke AlbersCommunication behavior of companies in case of product recalls without customer identification information, Marketing – Journal of Research and Management, Vol. 6 (2010) No. 1, pp. 19-30. [available online here]

Contributed Book Chapters

Kübler, Raoul, V., Jaap Wieringa, and Koen H. Pauwels (2017):  Machine Learning and Big Data. In: Leeflang P., Wieringa J., Bijmolt T., Pauwels K. (eds) Advanced Methods for Modeling Markets. International Series in Quantitative Marketing. Springer [available online here]

German Publications

Raoul V. Kübler (2012): “Essays on Corporate Communication – Empirical Applications for Product Recall Communication and Advertising Creativity”, Kiel Dissertation, online available here

Raoul V. Kübler (2012): “Best/Worst-Scaling”, in: Albers, Sönke, Daniel Klapper, Udo Konradt, Achim Walter und Joachim Wolf (eds.): Methodik der empirischen Forschung, 4th edition, Wiesbaden, Gabler, online avalaible here





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