On 23. September 2012 by rkuebler

We are finally moving to the new campus this weekend. I already had the chance to have a closer look at our new building as I already taught two courses during the last weekend.

Look at the crane! The first window from the left on the third flour is my new office.

The new building of the business faculty is amazing. Lots of space. Lots of new and amazingly designed furniture! And lots of hidden corners, stairs and levels.  Steven Seggie was so kind to rescue me when I got lost while searching my new office. We finally made it to our floor. While most colleagues are on the same spot, I somehow made it onto the dean’s floor. In addition to my really big office I enjoy a marvellous view on the construction yard and the new sports building.

Our new sports building with lots of space for ambitious promises!

At least this is really amazing. A great pool and a great sports arena. Really looking forward to train there at least once a week… promissed!

Atached you find some impressions from my last campus tour.



Though it was not meant to be a panorama, funny to see how close it came! The new pool and the work out space on the second floor!





































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